Celebrity Gossip

February 1, 2005


de-facing heads will roll: someone glued Michael Jackson’s face on wrong this morning. Wildenstein challenge: Jackie Stallone is seriously challenging […] Read More
January 26, 2005

Farrah’s reality series starts early

Farrah’s reality series starts early we were floored by a photo Ms. Miu ran last week of Farrah Fawcett looking […] Read More
January 21, 2005

dead wood

dead wood Oh SNAP – this fantastic photo was caught by Low Culture on Getty Images. Check out Low Culture’s […] Read More
January 18, 2005

don’t blame the cake

don’t blame the cake an email convo we had with a friend today on Brad and Jen and Ang. dam […] Read More
January 10, 2005

hairy scary

hairy scary Read More
December 21, 2004

the newest elf

the newest elf bringing a little glamour to elf-dom, it’s “Austin the fabulous!” before Austin is banished to the island […] Read More
December 17, 2004

oh ellen

oh ellen in case you haven’t caught this… Ellen DeGeneres dumped her girlfriend so that Portia de Rossi could move […] Read More
December 8, 2004

the smell of jerk

the smell of jerk Donald Trump launches his new cologne. we think his next cosmetic venture should be a craggily-chin […] Read More