Buddy the Wonder Dog

August 23, 2004

city dog goes to the country

city dog goes to the country Read More
August 20, 2004

flower power

flower power Buddy’s has no idea how handsome he looks surrounded by the foliage (he’s so focused on getting that […] Read More
August 18, 2004

tough guy – 2

tough guy Buddy’s learning to play and loves him some hand wrestlin’ – lucky for us he’s getting the hang […] Read More
August 16, 2004

Buddy and the bean

Buddy and the bean we tell him it’s a green bone. he can’t get enough of em. Read More
August 13, 2004

Buddy and the baby – part 2

Buddy and the baby – part 2 the thing is, Buddy isn’t much of a kisser. if he really likes […] Read More
August 11, 2004

little tramp

little tramp he makes a scrunchy face, and we laugh out loud, so the little comedian scruches it up even […] Read More
August 10, 2004

who’s the king

who’s the king dogs have this amazing ability to size each other up on the spot. from our mom’s puppies, […] Read More
August 6, 2004

Buddy and the baby

buddy and the baby Buddy’s off to his weekend job… kissing and annoying the baby Read More