Buddy the Wonder Dog

February 7, 2005


bone-blur Buddy demonstrates the fine art of speed eating… one bite. two bites. three bites. hey – where’s my bone? Read More
February 2, 2005

happy pappy

happy pappy you’re never down when Bud is around… Read More
January 28, 2005

treat time

treat time for the handsome boy… Read More
January 26, 2005


inquisitive there’s an obvious question here, if only we knew what it was. today we came across Leo the Dog, […] Read More
January 21, 2005

the cat in him

the cat in him if there’s a sun beam in the room, you’ll find Buddy lying in it. Read More
January 18, 2005

snow Buddy

snow Buddy Buddy had fun tearing it up in the snow this weekend. we call him “the little blizzard”. Read More
January 13, 2005

going to the dogs

going to the dogs the highlight of Buddy’s day is his visit to the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run. come […] Read More
January 5, 2005

landing ears

landing ears “ground to Buddy. lower your right ear. perfect. hold her straight on. you’re ready to land” Read More