Buddy the Wonder Dog

December 10, 2007

Buddy Parts

Buddy Parts Buddy has obvious cuteness, “ear-dar” included. But you have to get up close to appreciate his best parts […] Read More
November 9, 2007

Buddy Swims!

Buddy Swims! As warm days fade in the distance, Buddy reminds us we forgot to post a photo of his […] Read More
September 28, 2007


Exhausted And all he did was climb into that spot… Buddy’s cutest when he’s sleeping… Oh Buddy, you’re so fine […] Read More
September 14, 2007

Buddy by the Pond

Buddy by the Pond Buddy’s back from vacation with tails of crisp air, fresh water and lush greenery far away […] Read More
August 30, 2007

Off and Running

Off and Running Buddy’s going on vacation! You know what that means… lots of cute pictures coming up!… Weekend Warrior […] Read More
August 22, 2007

Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog Buddy waits for a bite of hot dog. He liked the red dogs in Maine last summer, […] Read More
August 9, 2007

A Dog’s Life

A Dog’s Life As promised, here’s a fresh load of Buddy photos! The little guy loves lounging in a summer […] Read More
August 3, 2007

Summer Buddy

Summer Buddy Buddy’s having a great summer! We promise fresh photos next week. In the meantime here some adorable pictures […] Read More