Buddy the Wonder Dog

January 4, 2006


Eardar In case you missed it the first time… One ear up, business as usual. Both ears up, he wants […] Read More
January 2, 2006

New Year, same routine

New Year, same routine “Stay home and lie on the couch with me.” Dog or Ham? Read More
December 26, 2005

Chesty Chesterton

Chesty Chesterton Showing off his swirling white chest hairs for your holiday enjoyment… Buddy up close and personal Read More
December 21, 2005

The 12 Days of Buddy – 2

The 12 Days of Buddy A special holiday bonus, The 12 days of Budmas… Buddy the Red Nosed Reindeer 2 […] Read More
December 12, 2005

The 12 days of Dog-mas

The 12 days of Dog-mas Get ready for a little holidawg cheer as we kick off 12 posts featuring some […] Read More
December 6, 2005

Bright eyed

Bright eyed And bushy tailed. A year and a half of this little guy… Buddy the Wonder Dog Read More
December 1, 2005

Buddy’s baby

Buddy’s baby Buddy has toys he likes to tear up, but this tiny one he just chews on a little […] Read More
November 23, 2005


Budlins The Buddy Gremlin would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving… We’re thankful no one’s thrown water on […] Read More