Meet Miley’s New Baby

Miley Cyrus gets lots of sh*t for the wacky stuff she does, but the girl has a MASSIVE heart and is totally devoted to her many rescue dogs. Heartbroken over the recent loss of her beloved Yorkie mix Lila, Miley continues to honor her memory by saving another adorable animal, and bringing a lucky new girl into her home. Meet Miley’s newest adoptee, chihuahua mix Bean!

Miley rescued Bean from the Saving Spot! Dog Rescue group in L.A., but Petfinder has 375K+ beautiful animals available from all over the U.S.

(Can’t get a pet yet? You can still help save abandoned dogs by donating!)

Seeing Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus Fan Art, Kinda
Miley Cyrus Attempts To Jog
Miley Cyrus’s Boots Are Rocking

Via Miley Cyrus’s Twitter!

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