Best of 2012: Katie Holmes Leaves The Valley Of The Dolls

As Katie Holmes rides out on the whole Tommy nightmare, everyone’s jumping with excitement on the juicy tidbits to come. Her transformation into “Stepford Katie” has been undeniable, but we imagine her life has been more like the insane cult classic “Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls”.

So per Dlisted’s suggestion, we gave her phat blunt to enjoy the ride to freedom! Katie exits stage-right below…

Oh, and hey – remember when Katie said she was “moving on” last November, but she didn’t mean Tommy?… we think she was fibbin’.

Katie Holmes Got Old Fast
Cats in Katie Holmes Cleavage
Katie Holmes Nose Job Charting
Katie’s Secret YouTube Confessions

Images via Dlisted!

(Originally published Jul 3, 2012)

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