The Hottest Twitpics of April & Links

The Hottest Twitpics of April
Kate Upton Hand Bra Photos
LiLo & SamRo Are Back at It
ScarJo Gets a Hollywood Star
Rihanna Really Likes Strip Clubs
‘Sream’ Painting Sells for What?
Top 100 Costume Gala Pictures
Justin Bieber, Babies & Puppies
Is This an Actual Human Male?
Every Superhero Origin Story
Kaley Couco, Meet Flashbulbs
Sorry I Missed Your Party, Girls
Xenia Deli Hot for Lovecat Mag
20 Star Wardrobe Malfunctions
Clooney’s Total Hookup History
Lady Gaga Broke Up With This
Paris Walks Runway (Sort Of)
Megan Fox for Sharper Image
Scumbag Steve’s Music Video
Amanda Seyfried in ‘Lovelace’
This Guy Licked Monkey Butt
Lamborghini’s Amazing SUV
Mensa’s 2-Year-Old Member
Is Ashton’s New Ad Racist?
Emma & Nicole = Awesome
Kim & Kanye Plan Wedding?
21 Sexy Pics of Kat Dennings

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