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March 26, 2012

Katy Perry Rocks a Bodysuit & Links

Katy Perry Rocks a Bodysuit Doutzen Kroes Bikini Pictures Lourdes Got Caught With Cig Lucy & Ashley Pose in Bikinis ... Read More
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Can It Get Any Cuter? – 14

…than this wittle baby otter on the move?… u otter click here. Cute rulez: Zebras Suck, Otters Rule 30 Hamster ... Read More

Guess the Celebrity Stunt Double

From Dakota Fanning to Betty White, celebrities often have favorite “stunt-doubles” that travel with them from film to film. Take ... Read More

Cee Lo’s Pussy vs. Big Ang’s Puppy

Two little things that have been bringing us so much joy this TV season. We can’t decide which one we ... Read More
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March 23, 2012

Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed & Links

Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed Melanie Iglesias Bikini Party Katy Perry & Lana Del Rey? Mr. Skin’s Sexy Sweet 16 Ellen ... Read More
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Little Grunt

And now a very adorable French Bulldog puppy will entertain you for 22 seconds with his “sleep-grunting”… Belly Up Pup ... Read More

20 Cavelebrities

Nooooooo, Geico’s not holding open auditions… It’s time for some Fotoshop Friday Fun from the kidz at Worth1000 and Freaking ... Read More

Balls Said the Queen…

…if I had them I’d be King. Making big bucks, covering ‘zines, walkin’ catwalks, a steamy hubby, and adorbz baby… ... Read More