Sexy Over 40 – See More

Ex-supermodels over 40 in teeny bikinis are so hawt right now! Fresh on the heels of Elizbeth Hurley’s skimpy pics, Stephanie Seymour hits the beach almost nekkid, and looking slamming. You go girls!

Stephanie Seymour trivia bonus: In 1991 she dated Axl Rose and was in his video for “Don’t Cry”. Then the shit went down! Via Wiki

The couple broke up in February 1993 after Rose accused Seymour of being unfaithful. In August 1993, Rose sued Seymour for assaulting him during a 1992 Christmas party, for mental and emotional abuse, and for withholding $100,000 worth of jewelry. Rose claimed he and Seymour were engaged. In turn, Seymour countersued Rose for assaulting her and denied they were ever engaged.

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