20 Celebrity Zombie Tattoos

Halloween is still a couple of weeks away, but the celebrity spooky season starts in earnest with the long-awaited return of “The Walking Dead” to our TV screens next Sunday (9pm ET)! The popular AMC series — and the iconic comic book on which it is based — have helped inspired a zombie renaissance (no pun intended) in all realms of pop culture, including, of course, tattoos!

And anyone with a braaain knows that when it comes to zombies, the more disgusting the better … so how do you make a zombie tattoo even more gruesome? Just add a celebrity! Doesn’t matter if they’re dead or alive — and some even look better with a lot less meat on their bones!

Click the pics to be grossed out by 20 Celebrity Zombie Tattoos!

Here are some amazing “Walking Dead” tattoos too!

Terrifying Tats:

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