Corey Feldman Dance Fever

Happy 40th birthday tomorrow to Corey Feldman! Celebrate the milestone any way you wish, but there are worse ways to spend a summer Friday afternoon than watching videos of a (possibly) coked-up Corey Feldman dancing his little heart out (not like Michael Jackson at all) and lip-syncing very, very badly — all while “trying to make the world a better place“!

Do yourself a favor and watch all of these clips, but if you only have time for one, make it this mesmerizing Howard Stern clip from 1992. YouTube user Carlawon totally nails its charms in the video’s comments:

“In a room full of freaks, a black bald woman, a black bald midget, a tall´╗┐ white man with his flabby ass cheeks hanging out.. a 67 year old pervert looking dude… a blow up doll.. a group of bleach blond attention whores, a white man in a dress with his huge stomach hanging out… with allllllll that………corey failman still manages stands out as the biggest douche in the room..lmao!”

See for yourself — click the pics to contract Corey Feldman Dance Fever!

Let’s dance:

Jennifer Lopez Sit ‘n Spin
Elisabetta Canalis Dance Party
Nicole Kidman Oscar Lap Dance

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