Robert Pattison Pie in the Face & Links

Robert Pattison Gets a Pie in the Face
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Red Hot
Miley Cyrus Has Rotten Short Shorts
The Voice’s Opening Number Mess
Tracy Morgan’s Done Joking Around
‘Transformers’ NYC Premiere Photos
10 of Jennifer Aniston’s Past Loves
Is Olivia Wilde Really a Wild Flirt?
Some Cheat Codes for L.A. Noire
Bikini Half Empty or Half Full?
Sexy Amber Rose Leaked Pics
Selena Freaks Over Shia (Video)
21 Weird, WTF Soaps FTW (Photos)
Lindsay Lohan Heads to Hamptons?
Kate Upton in a Staring Contest
Nicole Kidman’s a Blowup Doll
Penelope Cruz Is a Star Maker
Baseball’s Most Bizarre Injuries
Reporters Interrupted by Animals
Gallery: Sexy Girls & Their Cars
How To Draft for Fantasy Football
Is Canalis Mooning Over Clooney?
How To Win the Credit Card Game
Don’t Drink & Drive (Classic Clip)
The Lonely Island Will ‘Kill U’ Video
The World’s Hottest Calendar Model
Hermione’s ‘Harry Potter’ Spin-Off
Yep, Paris Hilton Still Looks Stupid
Duchovny & Leoni Split Yet Again
The Hot New ‘Immortals’ Trailer
World’s Greatest Tarantino Story
Things Britney’s Weave Looks Like

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