Viva Ann-Margret!

Dream on, Lindsay Lohan! What’s the big deal about Ann-Margret, who’s turning 70 today? Watch these clips and find out what had Elvis himself all shook up — the frenzied dancing, animalistic yelping, body painting! And her “Tommy” scene writhing around covered in champagne, beans and chocolate and hugging a giant pillow?!? One of the most mind-blowing scenes in the history of cinema! It has 58,000 views on YouTube (we’re 57,000 of them)!

Consider this a gift to you on her landmark day today: Click the screen shots above to see these amazing scenes for yourself!

P.S. We love this YouTube comment on the “Viva Las Vegas” clip:

“I was eight years old when I found a life size cardboard cutout of Ann starring in Kitten with a Whip outside the movie theater. On that day´╗┐ I became a man!”


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