Evan Rachel Wood Illustrated

Whoa! Evan Rachel Wood has really been heating up the headlines lately — she likes girls, yay! — and she admits to having a deep, dark secret too!

A steamy photo shoot and feature for Esquire have also put her nine tattoos in the spotlight, and she’s the Tattoo Celeb of the Week over at Vanishing Tattoo … click the images above for more info on and closeups of her ink!

Not pictured: A Shel Silverstein candle on her back, a behind-the-ear infinity symbol/heart — for “Forever Love, whatever,” she says — and a mystery tattoo on the inside of her lip, of which she tells Esquire, “No one gets to see it or know what it says.” (Whatever!)

Fresh ink:

Hall & Oates Hands!
Joey Ramone Forever
Wordy Celebrity Tattoos

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