20 Hits 4 4/20

“Hits,” as in our greatest hits, to spark up today’s 4/20 celebration! We’ve got celebrity pot smokers, fresh-picked weed, hilariously huge joints and vicarious bong hits for all! Click the pics to enjoy CityRag’s Greatest 420 Hits!

Happy 4/20!

LOL Weed
Weed World
Fresh Picked
15 Massive Joints
In a Perfect World
10 Celebrity Bongs
15 Halloween Bongs
Good for What Ails You
Lesbian Bong Marketing
Larry King Gets Blunted
Judge Judy Gets Stoned
20 Celebrities Smoking Pot
Like a Kid in a Candy Store
Olivia Munn Is Double Jointed
Advanced College Bong Making
Mary Kate Olsen Stoned in Plaid
Paris Hilton’s Genius Pot Defense
Mischa Barton Rolls Wonky Joints
Vicarious Bong Hits for Everyone!
Mischa Barton’s 3-Year Pot Cruise

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