Charlie Sheen Had a Job Yesterday

Yep, Charlie Sheen and his warlock ass got fired yesterday afternoon, but let this factoid sink in: Charlie Sheen was still employed as of yesterday morning! Guess the “maggot trolls” over at Warner Bros. finally had enough of the “total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.” Free at last, free at last!

Warners maybe took its sweet time, but guess who didn’t waste a minute? and its Photoshop contest looking for tiger-bloodied takes on creative and wacky ways that they could have sh*tcanned Sheen. Click the pics below for some seriously #winning Photoshop — then check out the other entries at 50 Ways To Fire Charlie Sheen!

Images via!

Sorry, Charlie:

Making an Oily Sheen
Charlie Sheen’s Face Is Frozen
Charlie Sheen’s Den of Debauchery

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