21 Smoking Shots of Jessica Biel

When your longtime boyfriend disses you in front of a billion people, maybe it’s time to move on … and since today’s your 29th birthday, there’s no time like the present, Jessica Biel!

The actress — a charter member of Jimmy Kimmel’s Hottie Body Hump Club — has been having her heart dragged around by Justin Timberlake since 2007(!). Plagued by breakup rumors pretty much ever since, Jessica was just passed over as his Oscars date in favor of his mom (and, quite possibly, Mila Kunis). But hey, at least he met up with Biel at the after-party. After making her walk the red carpet on her own. Classy.

But there’s happy news on the horizon for Jessica, too: The “A-Team” and “Easy Virtue” star has five more films currently in the works, including the just-announced Gerard Butler project “Playing the Field” — which seems like a damned good thing for her to start doing, right?!

While you wait for the inevitable single celebration, click the pics to enlarge 21 Smoking Shots of Jessica Biel!

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