It Gets Better

My name is Cathy Bennett. I created the site CityRag in 2004 and write it’s content. And I am a lesbian. I usually blog anonymously, but today I wear purple and stand in solidarity with gays and lesbians around the world with the message – It Gets Better.

Try not to cry while watching this.

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I was not bullied by others, I was bullied by myself, to “get better”. It meant the opposite to me when I was a teen. As a child you quickly pick up on the overwhelming message from society that you are broken. By the time puberty sets in, same sex crushes are filled with shame. And you start to fake heterosexuality. And that digs the hole deeper, because people do not know who you are.

That’s when I ran to a new place to start over, understand who I was, and gain the confidence to be that person. I offer this little advise from the bottom of my heart – get away from anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. There are gay communities in every major city that will help you find yourself. I turned to the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of NYC and it changed my life.

It didn’t take long. Surrounding myself with gays who loved themselves, and having the support of a strong community worked fast. And honestly, having sex with lots of women helped too.

Today I am proud of who I am, and truly grateful be a lesbian. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My girlfriend and I got married this year. We always had the attitude that marriage was for straight people. And then we realized we should do it for society. To show people we stand for equal rights. When you’re two chicks and tell a kid you are “girlfriends” they don’t get it. But saying you are “wives”, they understand. And hopefully it will help some of them known they are not alone, or broken.

The Most Touching “It Gets Better” Video You Will Ever See.

Please support the Human Rights Campaign to end anti-gay bullying.

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