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April 22, 2010

Happy F’ing Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day – here’s one of the funniest nature videos we’ve ever seen… Planet F*cking Earth! Happy ... Read More

Guy Richie Scores Jacqui Ainsley

Don’t write off Guy Richie’s new girlfriend as a young Madonna look-alike yet. Super sexy Jacqui Ainsley has her own ... Read More

Separted At Boobs

Hey, when did Jessica Simpson grow those Mariah Carey boobs? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, we’re a big ... Read More

April 21, 2010

Let It All Out

Sophie Howard Nude Outtakes Aussie Hotness Jessica Hart Toe-tally Unacceptable Look Gisele Works Up a Sweat Calling All Dregs of ... Read More
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Kentucky Fried Bullshit

You know what comes on the side with the Read More
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Scott Baio Needs An Asshat

New rule around here, if you act like an ass-hat, you have to wear one… Scott Baio Incites Drama on ... Read More

April 20, 2010

Today’s Dope

Heather Graham Topless Lesbian Video Isabel Lucas’ Cute Booty at Coachella HailMaryJane’s 4/20 4:20 Challenge! Was Kim Too Rough on ... Read More
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Ironically, this is the only post today that’s not about weed. But we’re stoned and this is cracking us up… ... Read More