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April 22, 2010

Happy F’ing Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day – here’s one of the funniest nature videos we’ve ever seen… Planet F*cking Earth! Happy […] Read More

Guy Richie Scores Jacqui Ainsley

Don’t write off Guy Richie’s new girlfriend as a young Madonna look-alike yet. Super sexy Jacqui Ainsley has her own […] Read More

Separted At Boobs

Hey, when did Jessica Simpson grow those Mariah Carey boobs? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, we’re a big […] Read More

April 21, 2010

Let It All Out

Sophie Howard Nude Outtakes Aussie Hotness Jessica Hart Toe-tally Unacceptable Look Gisele Works Up a Sweat Calling All Dregs of […] Read More
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Kentucky Fried Bullshit

You know what comes on the side with the Read More
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Scott Baio Needs An Asshat

New rule around here, if you act like an ass-hat, you have to wear one… Scott Baio Incites Drama on […] Read More

April 20, 2010

Today’s Dope

Heather Graham Topless Lesbian Video Isabel Lucas’ Cute Booty at Coachella HailMaryJane’s 4/20 4:20 Challenge! Was Kim Too Rough on […] Read More
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Ironically, this is the only post today that’s not about weed. But we’re stoned and this is cracking us up… […] Read More