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April 21, 2010

Scott Baio Needs An Asshat

New rule around here, if you act like an ass-hat, you have to wear one… Scott Baio Incites Drama on […] Read More

April 20, 2010


Ironically, this is the only post today that’s not about weed. But we’re stoned and this is cracking us up… […] Read More

20 Celebrities Smoking Pot

Tons of celebrities admit to smoking weed, however today, the proof is in the puffing. Click the images to see […] Read More

Art Break

A 2 minute crash course in Modernism… Every Painting at the MoMA Banksy Infiltrates MoMA Street Art Fantasy Land Scariest […] Read More

20 Celebrities In Drag

Actually, we think a few of these celebrities may have already given it a try, in the interest of acting […] Read More

April 19, 2010

Kim Kardashian’s Butt Powers

Everyone needs their own superhero name and Kim Kardashian has wisely called hers… MAGNETO ASS! Click the pic to see […] Read More

April 16, 2010

Star Goo

Star Goo Candice Swanepoel’s Getting Kinky Lindsay Lohan Flashes Her Behind Kinky Lady Gaga Pictures in Maxim Kardassian Tries Something […] Read More
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Sealed With Love

Sealed With Love Don’t miss this incredibly beautiful and touching video, guaranteed to make you smile… Cuddling With A Baby […] Read More