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April 30, 2010

Gossip Gone Wild

Git yer gossip on!… Egotastic Hollywood Tuna DListed Pop Sugar Socialite Life Hollywood Rag Im Not Obsessed Coed Magazine Moe ... Read More

April 28, 2010

MIA’s Born Free Video Bloodshed

M.I.A.’s video “Born Free” is about power, carnage and genocide – things that go on every day around the world ... Read More

Celebrity Nose Job Explosion

Seriously, can you name a top female star today who hasn’t had a nose job yet?… 16 A-list Celebrity Nose ... Read More

Coco’s Booty Bar is Now Serving

Looks like Coco’s using her ass-ets now to serve drinks. We haven’t seen a butt-bar like that since Janet Jackson! ... Read More

April 27, 2010

Hollywood Rank and Bile

Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pictures Overload Jennifer Lopez’s Hot French Sexy Boots Corgan Smashes Courtney on Twitter Yep, the World Just ... Read More
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Techno Parrot

This little parrot’s moves and passion for dancing are simply mindblowing, and a joy to watch. Don’t miss… Bird Loves ... Read More

It’s Raining Legs

Summer must be around the corner, cuz there’s been a parade of hot legs the last few weeks. Let’s see ... Read More

Beyonce Wardrobe Malfuction #6

Beyonce’s scary weave is trying to escape her head. Almost made us miss the stunning view below. Click the image ... Read More