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April 30, 2010

Gossip Gone Wild

Git yer gossip on!… Egotastic Hollywood Tuna DListed Pop Sugar Socialite Life Hollywood Rag Im Not Obsessed Coed Magazine Moe […] Read More

April 28, 2010

MIA’s Born Free Video Bloodshed

M.I.A.’s video “Born Free” is about power, carnage and genocide – things that go on every day around the world […] Read More

Celebrity Nose Job Explosion

Seriously, can you name a top female star today who hasn’t had a nose job yet?… 16 A-list Celebrity Nose […] Read More

Coco’s Booty Bar is Now Serving

Looks like Coco’s using her ass-ets now to serve drinks. We haven’t seen a butt-bar like that since Janet Jackson! […] Read More

April 27, 2010

Hollywood Rank and Bile

Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pictures Overload Jennifer Lopez’s Hot French Sexy Boots Corgan Smashes Courtney on Twitter Yep, the World Just […] Read More
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Techno Parrot

This little parrot’s moves and passion for dancing are simply mindblowing, and a joy to watch. Don’t miss… Bird Loves […] Read More

It’s Raining Legs

Summer must be around the corner, cuz there’s been a parade of hot legs the last few weeks. Let’s see […] Read More

Beyonce Wardrobe Malfuction #6

Beyonce’s scary weave is trying to escape her head. Almost made us miss the stunning view below. Click the image […] Read More