Fresh Dirt – 3

Fresh Dirt

Hilary Duff’s Lesbian Kiss
Katharine McPhee Has Fun
J. Love’s Stripper Pole Dance
Shakira Makes A Hairy Mistake
Ping-Pong With Susan Sarandon
Rihanna Goes Topless For Cover
Cocky Motorcycle Showoff Owned
Shauna Sand’s Nasty Ass Nip Slip
Lady GaGa’s NY State Of Mind
Pac Man – The Horror Movie!
Katie Holmes Wears Lingerie
136 Sexy Chilean Promo Girls
Hair Messed With His Mojo
To All Veterans – You Rock
Her Accent’s The Real Deal
10 Worst Toy Commercials
9 Disgusting Everyday Facts
“Weird Al” Yankovic Is Weird
Now That’s A Nice Warm-Up!
Nicole Kidman’s Back To Red
Hot Chicks Dig Skateparks
Catwoman Is Still A Killer
Bond Girl Eva Green Naked
Properly Eat A Chicken Wing
Mischa Barton’s Smoking Hot
Medical Marijuana Is Growing
Nicolas Cage: Mime-Stalked
Silk Suits Should Be Burned
Jon Gosselin Isn’t Funny
Amazing Photography
WTF Fashion Awards
Other Good Crap

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