Wanna Play Kissy Face?

Wanna Play Kissy Face?

A collection of celebrities swaping spit. Guess who’s good at sucking face and who’s a tooth-gnasher? Click the pictures to find out…

Kissy12 thumb Kissy6 thumb Kissy1 thumb Kissy15 thumb Kissy13 thumb
Kissy8 thumb Kissy9 thumb Kissy7 thumb Kissy2 thumb Kissy11 thumb
Kissy4 thumb Kissy5 thumb Kissy14 thumb Kissy10 thumb Kissy13 thumb

Hot Girls Kissing Hot Girls
Awkward Kissing With Tom Cruise
Natalie Portman & Scarlett Johansson Kiss

Images via TMZ, tons more in “Swapping Spit”!

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