Buddy Wins

Buddy Wins
We tried to trade Buddy a carrot for his beat up chewy, but he wasn’t having it. Then he stuck his tongue out at us! Click to enlarge…

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B1t B4t

Buddy Loves A Cigar
Buddy at the Beach
Big City, Little Dog

A Buddy update below!…

Thanks so much to all the readers that have been asking about Buddy. He’s going great!

Buddy the Wonder Dog was featured regularly on CityRag when we first started blogging in 2004. At the time we adopted him from the NYC shelter in 2001, his age was guessed to be around 6. He’s getting up there and time we spend with him just seems richer without the camera, ya know? But we promise to have more photos soon. Buddy sends you all big wet sloppy kisses!

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