Dopey Celebrity Drug Busts

Dopey Celebrity Drug Busts
Many celebrities openly admit to drug use. And some think they’re hiding it. Until the media finds out, and the fun begins! Some great celebrity drug busts by the press – click for the full story….

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Celine Dion on the Pot
Kelly Clarkson Cops Weed
Celebrities Smoking Joints
Paris Hilton’s Weed is Crap
David Arquette’s High Times
Bruce Willis Smoked Pot & Stuff
Megan Fox Topless and on Drugs
Woody Harrelson Brings the Weed
Sienna Miller Digs Magic Mushrooms
Owen Wilson’s Bong Shopping Spree
Goldie Hawn Blames Insanity on Joint

Bonus: 10 Celebrity Drug Busts Caught on Film!

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