Who Ordered the Hookers?

Who Ordered the Hookers?
Tara Reid’s Ass Will Scare You to Death
Paris Hilton Might Be Leaving The U.S.
Nadine Coyle Is One Hot Pink Piece
Sarah Michelle Gellar Makes It Slutty
Jen Aniston Pregnant By John Mayer?
Sienna & Balthazar Reunite To Makeout
David Duchovny’s Carrot Gets Gnawed
4 Clubs in 6 Hours With A Pumpkin
Who Put This Dick On My Back?!!
Madame: Will Smith Hired Male Escorts
Aisleyne’s Wet Tee Shirt & Thong (nsfw)
Mary Kate Olsen Left Waiter A Wad Of Gum
Your Ex-Girlfriend Thinks You Sucked In Bed
Porn Star Sasha Grey & Steven Soderbergh?
Sarah Silverman’s Humor Doesn’t Translate
Lindsay Lohan Slams Sarah Palin Again
Kristin Cavallari Practices Ninja Kicks!
Malin Ackerman Drops Some Cleavage
Why Can’t Anne Hathaway Be First?
Richard Simmons Walks it Out
Mr Blackwell Will Be Missed

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