These Stars Are Bananas – 9

These Stars Are Bananas
Sharon Stone is a Certified Lunatic
Katy Perry’s Breasts Cause Confusion
Kim Kardashian’s Big Ass Gets Removed
Audrina Patridge Now With Side Boob!
Katie Holmes’ Bell-Bottoms Are Back
Britney Isn’t All About Business in NY
And You Thought Your Job Sucked
A Double Nipple Slip on the Runway
This Day in History: Talk to the Hand
JLo Still Has The Biggest Ass (nsfw)
Vin Diesel Names His Daughter Hania
10 Infomercial Products That Don’t Suck
100 Celebrities Arrested For Drug Use
Sean Penn Kissed a Boy and He Liked It
Daniel Radcliffe Writes Gay Love Letter
Lindsay Lohan Owes 50 Cent a Million?
High School Musical 3 Tickets Available
Midnight T&A With Susan Sideropoulos
Who The Hell Are These Naked Chicks?
Danielle Lloyd Naked in Loaded (nsfw)
Gayface, Starightface, or Dramaface
Roger Ebert Now Cooler Than Ever
Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor” Talks
Janet Jackson Has Been Cured
Tony Romo & Jessica Engaged?
Kate Moss in Nude States
Roxie the Doxie Rules

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