These Stars Are Bananas – 7

These Stars Are Bananas
Nicollette Sheridan’s Hot Old Lady Ass
Julia Roberts Caught In The Headlights
Jessica Biel Is Holy Crap Wow!!!
Allegra Versace Is Somewhat Thin
T.I. Lost His Virginity At Age 11
Jennifer Lopez Wheeling & Dealing
Susan Lucci Has Serious Moves
Rachel Weisz In An Origami Dress
Tobey Maguire’s Gonna Shoot His Web
Hayden Panettiere Thong Watch (nsfw)
Top Ten Long Term Hollywood Romances
Florida is Determined to F-up Election
Tug of War Head Battle Using Pantyhose
Kim Kardashian Makes An Ass of Herself
Nadine Velazquez Sizzles In Loaded
Selma Blair On The Set Of Kath & Kim
Jessica Simpson A Box Office Hit? Da!
Chairs Are Revolting Against Fat People
Ashley Olsen Can’t Take It Anymore
Joaquin Phoenix Retires From Acting
More on Jennifer Hudson’s Tragic Week
Rachelle Leah Naked In Playboy (nsfw)
Top Five Freakiest-Looking Celebrities
Christina Milian Is The Hottie Hotness
Guy Ritchie to Make Madonna Movie
Tom Cruise & Matt Lauer Get It On
Good Crap From Your Uncle Scoopy
Anne Hathaway Strips & Smokes
Kate Moss Naked & Nuts

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