News of the Weird – 4

News of the Weird
Vikki Blows Topless Pictures
Madonna Had A Sex Contract
Hilary Duff Needs To Touch Me
Angelina Has Competition for Brad
Heidi Montag’s Trashy Halloween Plans
Xtina & Max Bravely Face NYC Weather
Everyone Can Leave, Hot Ginge Is Here!
Mariah Carey or Chocolate Chip Cookie?
Lady’s Halloween Costume Idea Generator
Hayden Panettiere Thong Watch (nsfw)
Selena Gomez Begs Shia LaBeouf To Come
Gadget Porn: Gene Simmons Axe Controller
Blake Lively Has The Schoolgirl Thing Down
Alessandra Ambrosio Is Hotter Than Ever
David Beckham Loves Cheerleader Ass
John Mayer Blogs for Huffington Post
Your Costume Determines Your Candy
Terrifying Vintage Halloween Photos!
Celebrities. They’re Just Like Us
Why I Voted for Barack Obama
Beyonce Hires Drag Queen?
Joe Francis Vs. Sam Ronson
It’s The Big Boobs Bonanza
Best Costumes of 2007
Cloris Was Robbed!

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