Register To Vote – A Call To Arms!

Register To Vote – A Call To Arms!
YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Unregistered voters, people who’ve moved, or need an absentee ballot should take action this week! Deadlines are approaching fast, ensure your participation in this historic election. Vote_3

If you’re not registered – the process is simple. Fill out a form online, print and mail it. Your voter registration card will be mailed to you. Declare Yourself and Rock the Vote are fast & easy to use!

If you’ve moved or changed names – use the same process as above. A step in the form will allow you to make the change.

If you have health or travel issues – and they may prevent you from getting to your voting location, the first step at Declare Yourself lets you select an absentee ballot request. If there’s any chance you may not be able to get to the polls request an absentee ballot.

The steps above take only a little time, but there’s only a little time left! (as mail is involved)… Registration deadlines by state.

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