Celebrities Are Criminals Too

Celebrities Are Criminals Too
An interesting collection of the best celebrity arrests from AOL. A few favorites and a few we didn’t know about, including lots of juicy details… Top 25 Most Sensational Movie Star Arrests


Kid Rock’s Fugly Mugshots
Paris Hilton’s Arresting Cameltoe
Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves: Busted
The Mel Gibson Commemorative T-shirt
Kiefer Sutherland Spends Christmas in Jail

25. Matthew Mcconaughey: Marijuana
24. Shia LaBeouf: DUI
23. Winona Ryder: Shoplifting
22. Macaulay Culkin: Marijuana
21. Martin Lawrence: Assault
20. Lindsay Lohan: DUI
19. Paris Hilton: DUI
18. Nick Nolte: DUI
17. Ryan O’Neal: Domestic Violence
16. Tatum O’Neal: Crack
15. Eddie Murphy: Lewd Conduct
14. Jane Fonda: Assault and Drug Smuggling
13. Kiefer Sutherland: DUI
12. Russell Crowe: Assault
11. Wesley Snipes: Tax Evasion
10. Robert Downey Jr.: Multiple Drug Arrests
9. Robert Mitchum: Marijuana Possession
8. Hugh Grant: Lewd Conduct
7. Paul Reubens: Lewd Conduct
6. Errol Flynn: Statutory Rape
5. Mel Gibson: DUI
4. Roman Polanski: Statutory Rape
3. Fatty Arbuckle: Rape and Manslaughter
2. Robert Blake: Murder
1. O. J. Simpson: Murder

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