Celebrity Boob Jobs – The List Grows

Celebrity Boob Jobs – The List Grows
From Madonna to Demi Moore it seems like every adult celebrity has had a boob job at this point. That’s a lot of pressure for young stars. Now 14 year old Ali Lohan joins the list. Click the pics for more…

Celebrity_boob_jobs_2_2 Celebrity_boob_jobs_3 Celebrity_boob_jobs_1_2

Celebrity_boob_jobs_4 Celebrity_boob_jobs_5 Celebrity_boob_jobs_6

Update: Lindsay Lohan is appalled that people think, Ali, “a 14 year old girl” got implants. Why isn’t she appalled that Ali’s trying to make it look like she got implants!? Their monstous mother is behind this.

The Boob Is Out Of The Bag

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