These Stars Are Bananas – 11

These Stars Are Bananas
Christian Bale Arrested For Assault
Anna Kournikova is Looking Good!
Britney Teaches Her Kids To Smoke
Audrina Patridge Has A Sweet Body
Golden Girl Estelle Getty Dies at 84
Nicole & Keith Ease Into Baby Life
Can Nick Keep Mariah Carey in Check
Let’s Send Twit & Twat to Guantanamo
9 Very Short-Lived Celebrity Talk Shows
Anna Lynne’s 91210 Nipple Slip (nsfw)
Sherri Shepherd’s Shocking Revelations
Natalie Portman In A Music Video, WTF?
Katharine McPhee Posing At Six Flags
What A Coincidence, I Like Butterflies
Alec Baldwin Doesn’t Care About You
Frances Cobain Is A Bratty Intern
Kat Von D Ultra High Quality Pics
Rosario Dawson Gets Hosed Down
Meryl Streep Shines In Mama Mia
Kelly Brook Takes Her Boobs Walking
Paris Hilton Is Not A Bastion Of Truth
Rock Out With Your Stetchmarks Out
Hayden Panettiere’s Beverly Hills Booty
George Clooney Won’t Like This One Bit
Katie Holmes To Play a Singing Attorney
Lance Bass Has Affair With Married Man
Nicole Richie’s Good Charlotte Video
Rosie Perez Is Frigging Awesome
Everyone Hates Jessica Simpson
A Destiny’s Child Comeback?
This Week’s DVD Releases
Before The Lagerfeld Diet
Battle Of The Bitches

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