The Real World Brooklyn Yo

The Real World Brooklyn Yo
The Real World tries to regain their edge by returning to NYC, specifically “Brooklyn”. The last two times they filmed here, New Yorkers notoriously screwed up their shoots when they hit popular local hang-outs. So we made a slight adjustment to this headline… “Brooklyn to Ruin The Real World this Summer!”


They’ll probably end up in Hipsterburg. And check out MTV’s ridiculous spin on NYC history to sound “edgy”.

Brooklyn Street Boxing
The Wild Parrots of Brooklyn
Killer Shot of the Brooklyn Bridge

Image via Aldo on Flickr

“The 21st season returns to New York, where the series began — although, you know, it technically began in Soho. Back when Soho was industrial and Chanel-free” (MTV Newsroom)

Um, no. Even Wikipedia knows, Soho was a hotbed of fashion and hipsters in the mid-80’s. Don’t be stupid, yo.

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