Rescued Dog Stories: A Shiny Penny

Rescued Dog Stories: A Shiny Penny
Meet Penny. She’s incredibly cute and full of personality. Abandoned in New York City and rescued shortly before death, her story is about as touching as they come… Penny Gallery


Penny’s rescuer took a bus from Boston to Waggy Tail. You don’t have to live in NY to save one of the great animals here that need a home!

NYC Animal Shelters Need Your Help
To A Rescued Dog You Are The World

More on Penny’s story below!…


Death by Cute
The Rules of Penny
Weedio Extravaganza
Gud Morning! Oh, Screw This
More Penny posts and videos!

Waggy Tail Rescue specializes in small dogs, and has many beautiful animals waiting for your love! Read more about Penny’s story on the WaggyTail Blog!

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