Coney Island History

Coney Island History
As Coney Island’s “redevelopment” threatens to wash away its past, here’s a little gift from Professor Solomon that relishes its history, a free download of his book Coney Island!


From Tony Marciante‘s incredible photos of Coney Island Old & New

New York City’s secrets abound!…
History, Ghosts and Cheap Beer
The Hidden World of Rooftops
Gargoyles in New York City
Heroes of the Undergrill
Rocking The Top
Manhole Love


Coney Island Redo is Coming Along
Details: Amusements in Middle, Tall on Edges
Coney Island Improvements Start With A Big Fence

Professor Solomon interviews old-timers, searches for antiquities and explores what is left of the amusement area in – Coney Island

View more of Tony Marciante great photos, and learn about work in Street Photographer

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