Celebrity Upskirt Update

Celebrity Upskirt Update
Many celebrities “upskirt” regularly for publicity. It’s what Paris Hilton is now best known for. This may be a bad move, but it distracts from her drug use and jail timeI See London, I See France


Are Paris Hilton’s upskirts better or worse without panties?

Celebrity upskirts update:
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Katharine McPhee’s Champagne Upskirt
Beyonce Upskirts on The Today Show

And this is pretty crazy… meet the man responsible for showing us Lindsay Lohans crotch!

Paris Hilton Upskirt Brings Downfall
Paris Hilton’s Ass Backwards Upskirt
Paris Hilton’s Crotch Goes to New Levels
Paris Hilton Officially “A Joke” on Letterman

Check out Paris’s attempt at “coy feet” at the bottom of X17online.com’s photo.

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