Today’s Top Dramas…

Today’s Top Dramas…
Xtina Won’t Confirm She’s Pregnant
Kristin Cavallari Must be Loving Today
Your Last Chance to See Sienna Naked
Rachel Bilson Set to Get “Chuck” Off
Matthew McConaughey for Dolce & Gabbana
Usher Celebrates Current & Future Namesakes
Lindsay Lohan is Leaving Rehab in 5, 4, 3…
Kate Moss Is A Cold Hearted Witch!!!
Textbooks Rewritten as Erotic Novels
Nicole’s Doing That Pillow Thing Again
Lucy Pinder & Michelle Marsh Topless (nsfw)
Heidi Montag More Damaged Than Anyone Knew
Jennifer Love Hewit Has A Long Grocery List!
Joaquin Phoenix is Great in We Own The Night
Ja Rule Backpedals on The Homophobia Thing
Phil Spector Murder Trial Declared a Mistrial
The Princess Bride Anniversary Awards
Victoria Beckman has the Worst Boobs
Dita Von Teese In Lingerie (nsfw)
Bionic Woman Premieres Tonight!
Matthew Fox on the Set of LOST
Renée Zellweger Plays Shoe Fairy
Sarah Silverman’s Got Back(lash)
Retro Celebrity Dolls & Barbies
Diddy Asked To Show His Bling
Chuck Lidell is Hardcore Fun
Tricia Helfer Nipple Slip?
Susan Sarandon is a MILF
Tom Cruise is a Lunatic
Pam Parties On
Jen & Ang Tie

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