M.I.A.’s Passion for Fashion

M.I.A.’s Passion for Fashion
M.I.A.’s Kala is one of the hottest albums of 2007. And here’s a story that makes us love her even more. At a recent concert she lost her favorite Claw Money sunglasses when they fell into the crowd, and then ended up on eBay! M.I.A. contacted herself Claw to tell her the story and that she “dove into the audience to get them back”!


According to M.I.A. she’d been wearing her sunglasses on tour all summer and loved them! To check out Claw’s “NUGGET” sunglasses click “Goodies 4U” and look under “Accessories”. Or buy them here!

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More on M.I.A. and her acclaimed album Kala below…

Via Music Review: M.I.A.

One thing’s for sure, “Kala” won’t get M.I.A. played on Top 40 or make her label millions of dollars. But she should find solace in the fact that she made an excellent record, one that melds her politics and her globetrotting with excellent indigenous and sample-heavy music, and a record that will easily go down as one of 2007’s best.

Via M.I.A. is H.E.R.

M.I.A. is pure hip-hop and, what’s more, hope for the entire genre

Via M.I.A. borrows from Bollywood

Just drop the album at a party, and the stomping feet will shake the ground like an earthquake of musical madness! Even if there’s only 4-6 people involved, results are guaranteed. Trust me — I tried it this weekend.

Via Gut Check: M.I.A., Kala

M.I.A.’s music is as wild and unexpectedly fascinating as her album covers are day-glo nightmares

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