Dear Angelina & Brad: Please Back Off the School

Dear Angelina & Brad: Please Back Off the School
Since Maddox’s school wrote a letter to the other children’s parents, we’ve written one to Maddox’s parents…


“Dear Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – With respect to your right to take your kids to school, would you please back off the hand held walks to the door? You’ve created a shark-feeding frenzy. And now your fans are getting blamed. Kiss them in the limo and have a bodyguard walk them up. It won’t stop the paparazzi from haunting your every move, but it will move them to a new feeding spot.”

Videos from Splash News Online show the massive media FRENZY that comes with Angelina and Brad’s 5 second walk to the door (fans are not the problem), and check out the professional security force, they look like door men… Another Busy School Run

“PS – We won’t think any less of you”…
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Images via Splash News Online‘s videos!

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