Britney Spears Art Y’all

Britney Spears Art Y’all
The “Just Britney” art show opens tonight in Hollywood!…


It features Britney Spears-inspired work from over 30 artists, including two pieces by 14 of Gallery of the Absurd (right) and a portrait of Britney done in chewed bubble gum by artist Jason Kronenwald (left.)

Britney Spears Giving Birth on a Bearskin Rug
$5 Mil Statue of Micheal Jackson & Bubbles
Angelina Jolie’s Banksy Art Purchases

More info on the “Just Britney” art show below

If you can’t make tonight’s opening party, you can check out the show over the next two weeks.

Just Britney Art Show Opens September 28
At the WOW Report’s Storefront Gallery in Hollywood

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