Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Cruel Fashions

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Cruel Fashions
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen love wearing fur. And here’s a new twist on their despicable fashions… at the same time the Humane Society campaigns to educate kids on the tortured lives of these animals, the Olsen’s are promoting their clothing line complete with fur. Mary Kate‘s even working mink into her summer wardrobe…


Go Back to School Fur Free!

Boycott the Olsen Twins, Furry Bitches
Ashley Olsen’s Fur Pleads for Their Lives

Cute foxes and the fugly Olsens below…

Why Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are disgusting:
– Their fans base is made up of young girls – who want to emulate them.
– Their fashion line was developed to take advantage of their fan base.
– Their fashion line promotes and encourages young girls to wear fur.

Adorable fox pictures from CuteOverload…
Fluffy and Cuddly
Pocket McPockersons

The Olsens wearing the skins of adorable animals…
Escape of the Wild Yeti
Straight From the Retirement Home
Uncomfortable In That Big Furry Fur?
Mary Kate Olsen Wears Fur in May
The Wife of a Russian Mobster?
Hey, It’s Cold in LA

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Don’t Buy Fur in NYC!

Photos via and Out There

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