Brad Pitt Fights for New Orleans

Brad Pitt Fights for New Orleans
Brad Pitt cares about people and shows it. Time Magazine’s recent issue on how our government has failed New Orleans made the situation seem hopeless. And along comes Brad Pitt inspiring and leading people to do something!…


George Bush Has Truly Failed America
Show Your Support for New Orleans
Live from Mardi Gras!


Why New Orleans Still Isn’t SafeThe Threatening Storm

Two years after Katrina, the effort to protect coastal Louisiana from storms and restore its vanishing wetlands has become one of the biggest government extravaganzas since the moon mission—and the Army Corps is running the show, with more money and power than ever. Many of the same coastal scientists and engineers who sounded alarms about the vulnerability of New Orleans long before Katrina are warning that the Army Corps is poised to repeat its mistakes—and extend them along the entire Louisiana coast. If you liked Katrina, they say, you’ll love what’s coming next.

Brad’s Back To Doing Good Down South
Brad Pitt Is Seeing Green

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