Lions vs. Water Buffalo

Lions vs. Water Buffalo
Who you got?… well don’t pick too quickly. This video has an AMAZING ending. And you may not know it, but water buffalo don’t take no sh*t when it comes to their kids… Battle at Kruger!


More on the filming at NegativeSpace Media

And from the opposite end of animal survival… Puppies vs. Cat

Bonus: an awesome recap from The Rules According to Patrick

“A heard of water buffalo are walking along this river in Africa. They come across a heard of lions. The lions decide to eat the water buffalo and take down one of their young. During the attack, the lions and baby buffalo slip into the river…where they are attacked by a pair of crocodiles. The lions win the battle for the baby buffalo, but before they can enjoy their meal, they are surrounded by an enormous herd of pissed off buffalo bent on getting their baby back. This is an astounding clip and marks the first time I’ve ever thought “man, I want to go to Africa!”

Prints from the footage available at NegativeSpace Media

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