Git Yer Gossip On – 8

Git Yer Gossip On
Beyonce Falls Wig First Down the Stairs
Lindsay Lohan’s Temporary Replacement
Beautiful, Intelligent… Anne Hathaway
The Beckhams Shop Till They Drop!
Jennifer Aniston’s Big Apple Dinner
Ashlee & Pete Are Going Strong in Stripes
Courtney Love Plans More Plastic Surgery
Jessica Alba Doesn’t Love Cash Anymore
The Angry Anchor Bandwagon Rolls On
Jodie Marsh Straps Them In (nsfw)
Riding the Bus with My Stereotype
Gwen Stefani Performs In Colombia
The Darjeeling Limited Trailer!
Brooke Burke’s Supergirl Launch
John Mayer Talks About Testicles
There IS Something About Miriam
Insincere Tom Cruise Photo Of The Day
John Travolta Sues Florida Airport Owners
Woohoo! Simpsons Pisses Off the Pagans
Snap Judgment: Emmy Odds and Ends
David Cassidy’s Cute Daughter Katie
Barbara Walters Disses Tammy Faye
News Anchor Can’t Stop Laughing
Daniel Craig Requests Gay Scene
Reese Witherspoon Is Very Tiny
The NY Times Gets Skintastic
Matt Leinart – Dead Beat Dad
Ja Rule & Lil’ Wayne Arrested
Kelly Clarkson Sinks Deeper
Cameron Diaz Out & About
Xtina’s Donut Emergency
Open Letter To Usher
Much Ado About Leno
Extra Spice Girls
Free Money 4U!

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