Ready to Blow

Ready to Blow
It’s almost summer Christmas! Got your presents?…


Please, No Ass-Rocketing This Year
Popping Our Cherry Bomb

Where to find fireworks in NYC!

Hit Chinatown this week, with the fireworks crackdown the street sellers are hard to find but they’re out there. Look near heart of Chinatown on Mott and Canal, and also try the back streets and Little Italy, keep an eye out for:
1) a man or woman with a bag who drops it down on the street and sells stuff quickly then closes the bag and moves on
2) someone lurking in a doorway whispering “fireworks” they’ll have a couple boxes inside the doorway filled with stuff they’re selling
3) some shop owners sell fireworks – look for clandestine looking sales going on in shops behind counters, although they’re very suspicious, they are looking to sell so if you play it cool they’ll hook you up.

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