Links to the Stars – 15

Links to the Stars
Barbara Streisand Farts Clouds of Diamond Dust
Britney Spears Plays First Concert in 3 Years
Natelie Portman is Looking Resplendent
Fergie, Or Should I Say Mom?…
Russell Crowe: Truth & Courage
Breaking News: Ashley Olsen Shops
Angelina Lapdances While Brad Babysits
Drew Barrymore Cleans Up Very Nicely!
Lohan’s Internal Battles, External Bullshit
Exclusive Backstage Dirt from Britney’s Show
Pam Anderson’s Click Magazine Pics (nsfw)
New Fantastic Four 2 Trailer, FANtastic!
Nicole Richie Shows Off Her Boobies
Rosie O’Donnell Haiku’s Her Feelings
Kirsten Dunst Defies Mathematics
Bruce Willis Possibly Intoxicated
Proof Everything You See Is Fake
Vanessa Minnillo Represents Bongo
Ricky Martin is a Ripped Bad Ass
Madonna Thinks She’s Royalty
Hot Shots of Gwen Stefani
Sylvester Stallone Says No
Imus Wants His $40 Million
Celeb Sightings in NYC
Look, It’s Gothbert
Chubby Has-beens
Anchorman 300
Sin City 2 Buzz

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