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May 29, 2007

Gossip Up!

Gossip Up! Britney Spears Goes Car-Yachting Salma Hayek is Very Very Pregnant Lindsay Lohan’s Stripping Video! Heather Locklear Still Sexy […] Read More

Mediterranean Blues

Mediterranean Blues Our friend Kevin has been visiting Ponza, a gorgeous island off of Italy, and torturing those close to […] Read More

Celebrities Are People Too

Celebrities Are People Too A fun photo gallery from TMZ, reminds us that summer creeps up on the fame-ass too… […] Read More

Rose McGowan Explained

Rose McGowan Explained We’ve been seeing odd pictures of Rose McGowan and trying to put our finger on her strange […] Read More

May 25, 2007

Drama Never Sleeps

Drama Never Sleeps Have a great weekend. While we’re chillaxin, keep up below!… Hollywood Tuna A Socialites Life IDontLikeYouInThatWay Egotastic […] Read More

Kittens & Water

Kittens & Water A better analogy than oil & water, kittens & water just don’t mix. Image via the awesomeness […] Read More

Trapped in a Showbiz Vortex

Trapped in a Showbiz Vortex This might sound crazy, but a year ago the exact same sh*t happened in gossip!… […] Read More

Jennifer Aniston Baby Rumors

Jennifer Aniston Baby Rumors Rumors that Jennifer Aniston wants a baby have been circulating since Brad hitched his wagon to […] Read More