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May 29, 2007

Gossip Up!

Gossip Up! Britney Spears Goes Car-Yachting Salma Hayek is Very Very Pregnant Lindsay Lohan’s Stripping Video! Heather Locklear Still Sexy ... Read More

Mediterranean Blues

Mediterranean Blues Our friend Kevin has been visiting Ponza, a gorgeous island off of Italy, and torturing those close to ... Read More

Celebrities Are People Too

Celebrities Are People Too A fun photo gallery from TMZ, reminds us that summer creeps up on the fame-ass too… ... Read More

Rose McGowan Explained

Rose McGowan Explained We’ve been seeing odd pictures of Rose McGowan and trying to put our finger on her strange ... Read More

May 25, 2007

Drama Never Sleeps

Drama Never Sleeps Have a great weekend. While we’re chillaxin, keep up below!… Hollywood Tuna A Socialites Life IDontLikeYouInThatWay Egotastic ... Read More

Kittens & Water

Kittens & Water A better analogy than oil & water, kittens & water just don’t mix. Image via the awesomeness ... Read More

Trapped in a Showbiz Vortex

Trapped in a Showbiz Vortex This might sound crazy, but a year ago the exact same sh*t happened in gossip!… ... Read More

Jennifer Aniston Baby Rumors

Jennifer Aniston Baby Rumors Rumors that Jennifer Aniston wants a baby have been circulating since Brad hitched his wagon to ... Read More