Gossip Up!

Gossip Up!
Britney Spears Goes Car-Yachting
Salma Hayek is Very Very Pregnant
Lindsay Lohan’s Stripping Video!
Heather Locklear Still Sexy In A Bikini
Paris Hilton’s Memorial Day Bash
Skeletal Nicole Richie Doesn’t Care
Has Young Hollywood Hit an All Time Low?
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty Love Coke
“Teacher Freak Out”, Oh the Days…
Claire Danes’ Xtra Nipple Slip
Blake Lewis’ Wacky Face Overkill
America’s #1 Most Eligible Bachelor
We Need More Shannon Elizabeth
Michelle Rodriguez Parties It Up
Kelly Brook’s Hot Bikini Calendar
Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Finger Works
Jennifer Love Tennis (nsfw)
Ashley Judd Wins Indy 500?
Anna Kournikova is Single
Miss USA Hurts Her Ass
Lohan Is Crashing Fast
Charmed by Schatar
Rosie Blogs It Up
Babawa Speaks

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