Drama Overload – 3

Drama Overload
What’s That Under Fergie’s Panties?
Fashion Disaster of the Day: Kirstie Alley
Lindsay Lohan Hacked! See The Goods
Jessica Biel Shows Leg on Letterman!
David Arquette Shaves Message into Hair
American Idol Says Sayonara Sanjaya
Why is Trump so Obsessed with Rosie?
Micha Barton’s Pink Panty Upskirt Slip-up
Talk About A Shitty Commute To Work
Pink Kicks Off Her “I’m Not Dead” Tour
Marisa Tomei’s Wet See Through Shorts
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Split!?!?
Paris Drives On A Suspended License
When Britney Spears Wasn’t Crazy
Edward Norton Is The New Hulk
Mentos Commercial ala Memento
Is Bush’s Marriage In Trouble?
Mandy Moore Bikini Pics (nsfw)
Grindhouse is Spoiled Rotten
Lunch with Denise Richards
Carmen Electra’s Tube Top
Kelly Clarkson’s Crazy Stylings
Cameron Diaz Breaks Out the Pokies
Clear Channel Accepts Takeover Bid
Brad and Angie Will Be At Cannes
Kate Moss’s Drugged Out Knees
Courtney Love Hits Up Hyde
That Can’t be Ashlee Simpson
Dick’ll Make You Slap Someone
Orlando Bloom Embraces Buddha
Whoopie Cushion Alive & Well
Avril Lavigne Is So Boring
Mr.Turner: Drunkard
Nike Foot Fetish
Everything else

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